2015 Ironman Canada

Body “What!? Why? Is that the alarm? What the hell time is it?” Brain “You don’t want to know. Seriously. But this is for you.” Body “How is this for me?” Brain “You gotta digest some food before we do … Read more


2014 VOWSA Canada Day Challenge

It’s been seven years since my last swimming race. Seven years exactly in fact — my last race was the 2007 Canada Day Challenge (always held on Canada Day, obviously). Since then, I’ve gotten horribly out of shape, started running … Read more


2014 Iron Knee

I’m being a bit unusual (but since when is that new for me?) and I’m skipping my Sun Run post to talk about Iron Knee. It feels wrong to me to write about races out of order but it doesn’t … Read more


Retro Race Report — 2012 Seattle Rock n’ Roll Marathon

It’s been a while since my last race report, and it’ll be a while until my next one because I haven’t signed up for anything yet. But race reports are so much fun. So here’s a retro one. This was … Read more


Deception Pass 50km

An hour before the race starts I’m sitting in my car in the parking lot. It’s pitch black out — I had to drive into the park with my high-beams on. My water and gels are ready, I’m dressed and … Read more


Hallow’s Eve Trail Half

During my TransRockies build-up, I had this holistic revelation about training recovery. We tend to view runs, swims, gym sessions, whatever sort of training session we’re looking at, as discrete events. But this is so, so wrong. How you hydrate … Read more


TransRockies Run 2013 – 6 Race Reports For The Price Of 1

“Hey Elliot, when are you going to write about TransRockies?” “Fuck. Off. Do you know how tired I am from that shit?” Seriously. It’s been three weeks and I can’t even do a short, easy run at my usual pace. … Read more


5-Peaks Cypress

I wasn’t planning on doing any more races until TransRockies, but lately I’d been craving a bit more intensity in my runs. So I decided that Saturday’s run would be moderately long, but hard. Then on Thursday I found out … Read more


Seek the Peak 2013 or “Koyaanisqatsi”

If you’re here looking for a typical style race report, you’re going to be disappointed. The things that I think are important to talk about from this race have nothing to do with the race. In case you’re here looking … Read more


2013 BMO Marathon

I’ve been thinking a lot about taper recently. In part because all I’ve been doing in my free time is lying on the couch trying to not move. But also because a friend said they didn’t like tapering. And I … Read more